Is your Red Chilli Powder Natural?

Red Chilli Powder, also known as lal mirch powder is an integral part of Indian cuisine. It not only gives a quintessential red colour to the food but also has a faint and distinct taste and aroma.

But this is one spice that is wrought in controversy. It is considered unhealthy as the powder is often said to be laced with harmful chemicals.

Recently, We have started making Red chilli powder (under the brand Sahaja) inspired by the Ancient Indian way i.e. without any additional ingredients.
We modernized the way with Machine instead of the hand-made way.

Once we made the powder and took the sample to a shop owner. We found the interesting thing we never experienced before.

We put our Red Chilli powder (from now onwards call it as Sahaja Powder for convenience) in-front of him to show, he checked it and he put a packet of Red Chilli powder from his shop. And asked us to check. We found the other Red Chilli powder is very reddish than ours.

We did not understand why is the difference and we asked the same to the merchant. Then he showed us an Artificial spray and explained that We need to spray on the Red Chilli flakes, dry them, and then need to grind them to make powder so that the powder looks reddish.

Similarly, people add artificial ingredients for different reasons like to become spicier (than natural) etc.

Naturally, other natural items like Kashmiri chillis, Curry leaves Sea Salt/Rock salt only can be added to the Red Chillis while grinding to add the flavour, increase the life of the powder and to keep it safe from some kind of small insects or bugs.

People are preferring and buying artificial food over natural food. People are preferring good looks to health. That is a bad thing. They’re buying illnesses themselves.

Then We have decided not to add anything to the Red Chillis or Red Chilli powder. And we added the Red Chilli Powder here on the online store to make it available for you.

Then We have decided that we need to educate the people on the food making process and its effects, hence We started doing research on food processes to provide them on our website along with the marketplace for Natural products.

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