How to boost immunity

How To Boost Immunity With Healthy Diet?

One of the essential things you need to do to fight against coronavirus is to boost immunity. The best way to improve resistance naturally is to eat food that is rich in minerals and vitamins.

By adding immunity booster food in your everyday diet, you can prevent frequent illness and there is lesser chance of getting flu and common cold.

For about centuries, we have been eating healthy food, but somehow down the line, we are habituated to eat junk and packaged food more in spite of home food. However, COVID-19 pandemic taught a lesson to everyone. The United States government also published dietary guidelines to determine each person’s calorie requirements.

When there are limited resources and need to improve immunity, people started to cook healthy food at home. Ancient food grains like Bajra, Jowar, and other millets are a great source of vitamins, minerals, proteins, fiber, and antioxidants.

Different Ways To Boost Immunity

There are many sources to boost immunity, out of which consuming a healthy diet is an important one. The Director of ICMR’s premier institute National Institute of Nutrition (NIN), Dr. Hemlatha, said that the phytonutrients, which help in improving immunity power, are available in grains such as millets, nuts, fruits, and vegetables.

Here are some food items that help you to boost immunity and get through this flu season.


Millets are rich sources of Vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, calcium, thiamin, and magnesium. It is reported and suggests that patients with adequate immunity levels are able to fight the infection better than others.

Doctors and scientists suggest that millet intake will help to boost immunity and fight against coronavirus. The Director of ICAR- Indian Institute of Millets, Dr. Tonapi, says that millets are rich in calcium, which is double than that of milk.

Millets play a significant role in making our gut health as they contain soluble fiber. They are also rich in micronutrients such as iron, selenium, and zinc, which help in building up your immunity.

Nuts And Seeds

Including nuts and seeds like almonds, cashew, groundnuts, chia seeds, pistachios, etc. in your everyday diet will improve your immunity to a great extent instead of taking food supplements.

Also, turmeric and saffron are excellent immunity boosters. Rich in vitamins, antioxidants, vitamins, chia seeds will not only protect your family from diseases but also help you in weight loss.


Comsumption of jaggery is an excellent source of iron and it also boosts your digestion. It is an healthy alternative to sugar that can treat cough and cold.

Palm jaggery is furthermore better than the regular jaggery. It improves the resistance power in your body and makes your body fight against all kinds of infections. In addition, it is also a natural sweetener and a prominent host of benefits.

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