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Is your Cooking Oil is healthy?

We use Edible or Cooking oil (Groundnut oil, Palm Oil, Sunflower oil, etc. ) in every recipe we make at home. It is very essential for our daily food habits.

Recently We have learnt a thing that we have been ignoring from years.

Natural Cooking Oils - Edible Oils

You know about the importance and health benefits of Groundnuts. They cost minimum INR 100/- per KG (this price is very very low) in the market and if they’re good quality they cost us above INR 150/KG.

Groundnut oil is being sold from INR 160/L though 1KG groundnuts produce only 400 ML of oil. I did not understand this how they are selling at so cheaper price until I did some research and talked to few producers.

I was thinking that, they are able to sell at those low prices because they’re producing the oil in huge quantities but that’s not all the reason. I learnt that they mix some other cheaper oils, artificial oils to the goundnut oil to make it cheaper.

The samething happeing with other cooking oils.

Now, Imagine what damage is the mixed oil is doing to our health (especially Children and Elders) on daily life. A recent study shows that Cooing oil a big effect on heath.

Bad oil adds more bad fat to the body on daily basis. But you cannot stop consuming the oil, the alternative ways are reducing oil usage (may loose the good taste) and using naturally produced cooking oil.

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