Pearl Millets

Do You Know Pearl Millets Can Prevent Insomnia?

Pearl millets are one of the oldest and staple crops that are grown in India since the pre-historic period. They are popularly known as Bajra.In addition, they are called as Sajjalu in Telugu, and Kamboo in Tamil & Malayalam.

Bajra are considered as the sixth most important crops in the world. India is the largest producer of Pearl Millets. In India, Rajasthan is the biggest producer of these cereals. Other than Rajasthan, these crops are grown widely in Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, and Haryana.

Furthermore, Sajjalu is a tough crop that will grow well in low fertile soil, drought conditions, and even in high temperatures. The Perl millets came to India from Africa in about 2000 BC.

Nutritional Value For 100 Grams Of Pearl Millets

  • Energy: 361 Kcal
  • Protein: 12gms
  • Carbohydrates: 67gms
  • Calcium 42gms  
  • Minerals 2gms
  • Fat: 5gms 
  • Fiber: 1gm
  • Iron: 8mgs
  • Phosphorus: 296 gms

Health Benefits Of Pearl Millets

Reduces Levels Of Blood Sugar

Bajra is very effective in maintaining the levels of blood sugar. Since Pearl Millets are rich in fiber, they slow down the digestion and further slowly release glucose into the blood. Also, it is a good source of Magnesium that is associated with a reduced risk of diabetes.

Reduce Cholesterol Level

The niacin in Bajra helps in reducing cholesterol. Furthermore, a chemical called Phytic Acid in the Pearl Millets increases cholesterol metabolism.

Treats Iron Deficiency Anemia

Deficiency of iron causes fatigue as well as impairs mental development. Bajra is also a rich source of iron and also a new variety of Pearl Millets are cultivated that provide a high level of dietary iron to women. In a study, it was found that children under the age of 3 years with iron deficiency anemia met their daily requirement of iron with consumption of these Pearl Millets.

Helps In Weight Loss

The complex carbohydrates in Bajra help in slow digestion creating satiety among consumers. It results in lesser intake of calories and prevents overeating between meals.

Keeps Heart Healthy

The omega-3 fats present the Pearl Millets helps in lowering blood pressure and maintain heart rhythm. Also, the magnesium present in Bajra is capable of preventing BP and it also lowers LDL cholesterol protecting from getting heart strokes.

Prevents Insomnia

On consuming Bajra regularly, it relaxes our body and prevents Insomnia. A breakfast with Pearl Millets keeps your day stress free and reduces the chance of regular headaches to a large extent.

Relieves Constipation

Children who are suffering from constipation should be fed with Pearl Millets regularly since the fiber present in them makes the digestion process easy and relieves from constipation. Besides, Bajra also reduces the secretion bile juice and the risk of gall stone gets reduces.

How To Include Pearl Millets In Your Diet?

Traditionally, Indians make Bajra roti with Pearl millets and also khichdi. Moreover, it is a great cereal for winters. However, intake of these are not suggested for summers. To improve nutritional qualities, Pearl millets can also be added into dosa and idly batters.


Similar to all the other millets, Bajra is also Gluten-free preventing celiac diseases. Pearl millets are also rich in antioxidants and reduce the occurrence of cancer. Th vitamin B content of these millets is good for the muscular system. 

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