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purity test for food

15 Home Purity Test For Food

Daily we use a lot of ingredients in our kitchen for cooking. But unfortunately, nowadays, most of the edible items are being adulterated. So, there …

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sun flower

Top 7 Health Benefits Of Sunflower Oil

Sunflower oil is the most commonly used cooking oil. The oil is extracted from the sunflower seeds. The botanical name of the sunflower plant is …

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safflower oil

Do You Know Safflower Oil Is Not Only Used For Skin But Also Cooking?

Most of us know that safflower oil is one of the essential oils used to make your skin glow and keep it healthy. But you …

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How to boost immunity

How To Boost Immunity With Healthy Diet?

One of the essential things you need to do to fight against coronavirus is to boost immunity. The best way to improve resistance naturally is …

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Pearl Millets

Do You Know Pearl Millets Can Prevent Insomnia?

Pearl millets are one of the oldest and staple crops that are grown in India since the pre-historic period. They are popularly known as Bajra.In …

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healthy cooking oil

Is your Cooking Oil is healthy?

We use Edible or Cooking oil (Groundnut oil, Palm Oil, Sunflower oil, etc. ) in every recipe we make at home. It is very essential …

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